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Re: NWOGEO "Welcome Wagon" Greeting idea for new c

Postby GizmoGuy411 » Wed 2009-11-11, 03:28:21

This idea has popped up in discussion again. I'm sure a lot of people have not read this thread that I started some time ago, so I am posting now to [img width=50 height=50]http://nwogeo.org/images/topic_posts/bump.jpg[/img] it up again.

There has also been a similar discussion about sending personalized welcome messages to new people on NWOGEO.org.

While a future Steering Committee will probably address doing something like this officially in the NWOGEO name, there is nothing stopping anyone from welcoming new members in an individual capacity.

Just click on "Member List" function in the menu to the left, and then sort the list by join date, to find the people. Send them a welcome note, and remember the last person you sent a message to.

The next time you feel like welcoming people, just look for who is new after the last person you sent a message to.

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Re: NWOGEO "Welcome Wagon" Greeting idea for new c

Postby SuchaNana » Sat 2009-11-14, 01:11:40

as one of the many New Bloods, I think Giz hit the target...it is up to all of us to welcome, encourage and mentor each other...I'll start today...
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Re: NWOGEO "Welcome Wagon" Greeting idea for new c

Postby maria1110 » Tue 2010-05-04, 13:57:35

nice and indformative post.thanks for posting
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